Booked a session, but what's the process?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Hey there, Candace here! I am the CEO of B Radiant Photography and I want to share what the process is when you book a session with BRP. I'm gonna give you all the goods! So shhhhh don't tell anyone I told you!


So, if you've already booked your session, that means we've already have had our "Discovery Call". If you have no idea what a Discovery Call, it's simple. We go over the plan for your photography session. It includes but not limited to:

  • Date and time of session

  • Is this a themed shoot? What type of session are you interested in?

  • What location will be best (studio/outdoor)?

  • What are my Covid-19 safe practices?

  • Contracts and do you have any questions?

  • How would you like to utilize your photos? (wall decor, photo album, website, social media, etc)

  • Do you need a styling consultation? (Hair, makeup, clothes)

  • Last but certainly not least, PRICES!!

Once we get passed the styling sessions and all of the questions, we are ready for the BIG DAY! Photo session day! This is one of my favorite parts of the process and I'm sure you're excited as well. By this time, my clients usually have a pretty good idea of my personality and are also pretty comfortable with how their session will go. You are looking and feeling like a million bucks ready to blow this shoot out of the water!


Let's work it!!

You definitely did THAT!

After our session, you will then receive an email for your reveal session. You are able to choose whether that is in person or via zoom, whichever is convenient for you. My usual turnaround time is 14 days after your scheduled photo session. At your reveal session we will then discuss which products you would like to purchase. Because our products are handcrafted and made in Poland it takes approximately another 14 days to be delivered. Once your products arrive, I will then reach out to you again via phone and email to set up a time hand deliver or ship your products...this is my other favorite part lol. I love when my clients light up after they see their photos literally come to life!

Now that you are familiar with the process lets get you booked!

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