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Family Portrait Styling Session Tips

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

We are in 2021! We have gotten away from being matchy matchy. We have been able to create stunning family portraits without everyone looking like the other. Here is B Radiant's Family Portrait Styling Tips to help you plan your outfits for the entire family.

1. Get DRESSED hunny!

Many people don't realize this is a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY session. They should dress accordingly! You need to make sure the family is dressed nicely. Casual dress is NOT recommended! Although feeling comfortable for your session can easily be dressed up. Something as simple as nice flats matched with a maxi dress and cardigan, or nice loafers, colored slacks (or dark wash jeans) and a button up can always be dressed up! You don't have to get red carpet ready (unless that's the look you're going for of course), but get dressed to look very nice for your photo session.

2. Don't be so matchy matchy!

To get great pictures everyone does NOT have to match exactly. If you decide that the colors are going to be blue pants and green shirt, GREAT! We can work in different hues of each to fit everyone's personality. You want to be able to highlight everyone's individuality while still staying true to the family's themed session. Everyone's colors should compliment someone else's.

3. Stay Away from...

There are some things you may want to stay away from when taking family portraits. They are:

1. Bright neon colors (unless that's the theme of the session)

2. Logos that are large and appear to take over the article of clothing

3. Sporty sneakers (tennis shoes)


5. Boat Loads of makeup (a natural makeup look will do)

Do you need some inspiration? Check out our mood boards on Pinterest:

If you are ready to schedule your photo session with us here at B Radiant Photography click here! We are so excited to work with you!

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